About / Faoí

Julia lives with her family in the heart of the Gaeltacht in South West County Kerry.

She completed a Degree in Combined studies Art and Design at the University of Ulster, Belfast before moving down to County Kerry to establish her business and studio.

From here, all her products are made by hand using a stoneware clay, either on the wheel or hand built.

It’s a family run business and you will often find her sons Tadhg and Peadar busy in the studio making their own creations.

Her two main collections are rooted in nature and a response to the surrounding countryside and coast.

Tá Julia ina cónaí lena teaghlach i gcroílár na Gaeltachta in Iardheisceart Chontae Chiarraí.

Bhain sí Céim amach in Ealaín agus Dearadh in Ollscoil Uladh, Béal Feirste sular bhog sí síos go Contae Chiarraí agus bhunaigh sí a gnó agus a stiúideo.

Ón áit seo, déantar a cuid táirgí go léir de láimh ag baint úsáide as cré earraí cloiche, bíodh sé ar an roth nó ar an lámh a tógadh.

Is gnó teaghlaigh é agus is minic a gheobhaidh tú a clann mac, Tadhg agus Peadar, gnóthach sa stiúideo i mbun oibre.

Tá an dá phríomhbhailiúchán fréamhaithe sa nádúr agus mar fhreagra ar an tuath agus ar an gcósta máguaird.


The colours, as well as the organic and natural forms found on Kerry’s Atlantic coast inform and inspire this collection. Rock pools, tidal marks, pebbles and shells can all be at the source of unique decorative and functional pieces. She will often use crushed shells, sand, sea glass and seaweed as a form of alchemy to incorporate and capture into the clay body, This process adds to the textures, colours and patterns of the piece. It is a random process , the results of which are only known when they are unloaded from the kiln.

This collection also includes functional table and home ware such as serving platters, chip and dip platters, creamers and lamps. These are all inspired by the ever changing colours of the ocean and glazed in a palette of blues, greys and greens.


The hedgerows of Kerry are lush with foliage in the Spring and Summer months. It is then that Julia gathers plants such as ferns and seed heads to press into the still wet clay, forming platters and bowls. These Edges are manipulated giving the piece a more tactile, natural feel.

Once dried the foliage is carefully peeled off to reveal the imprint. She then applies oxides, stains and slips in a painterly way, adding to the unpredictable outcomes. She produces both decorative and functional work in this way, enjoying the uniqueness of each piece.